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Vintage Truck Chassis Identication Help!

Guest fletty999

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Guest fletty999

Gday All,

I recently stumbled across an old truck? chassis in the bush here in Perth and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what make it is?

Its a chassis only with both axles and a drive train (engine is toast) and whats left of the firewall.

I don't know much about the really old stuff but I'm pretty sure its not a Ford because it doesn't have a transverse front spring and the front axle ends go around the spindle (like a model T ford) not the other way around like the later fords.

Its got a flathead 4 banger in it and mechanical brakes all round. I took a heap of photos below.

The diff housing, the spindles and the ports on the side of the engine block look pretty unique, so I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me what it is!

I've been told that it may be a chev from the 20's but it appears to have a worm drive rear end?













Any idea what it is?


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Guest fletty999

Thanks guys for your help.

I'm getting the feeling that this truck may be made from a few different manufacturers parts.

I think that was the case with a lot of the early trucks pre 1930s here in Australia.

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Guest fletty999

OK so I took another look and got some more photos.

I still couldn't find any markings on the chassis rails anywhere but, I heaved the engine block over and found that it had a name cast on the other side of the engine block.

I can't really make out the name but it is something like "CHROMIDIUM" or "ROMIDIO" or something like that. I took one photo of it then chucked some water over it and took another.

There is also a photo of some numbers cast onto the top of the bellhousing part of the block which seems to have SC inside a diamond and some engine numbers. "M07030" above and "LP 223"

There was also the part number Z390 cast into the engine fan boss.

It does definitely have a cast aluminium sump aswell.











Any ideas?

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Looks British to me. Possibly late 30's Morris? There were many small British trucks that were imported in to Oz.. that would be almost unknown to most of us in the U.S. and Canada. I live in Canada and we got lots of British cars, but few trucks. The domestic makes were more suited to the local needs and had a better dealer network. Hope you determine an I.D. All the best Greg

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Guest fletty999

Thankyou everybody for your replies,

I have concluded that the truck is a Morris Commercial T type, which was made from 1924-1931.

Apparently that model did not have front brakes, and it has the same front suspension and light mounting bar.

If you have a look on this page and scroll down a bit there are a few photos of the same red truck with the

same engine with dual rear wheels:

Flickr: The Morris Commercial Pool

Also the Chromidium on the engine block was a type of casting metal used by an english cylinder manufacturer as well which helped narrow it down.



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