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1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport - Rock solid numbers matching "garage find" 18,290 miles

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Guest loadmaster

Offered here is this rare and unusual 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport garage find. Stored since late 60’s, the odometer shows 18,290 miles which is highly believable considering all of the originality this car has to offer. While talking with the sister of the now deceased owner at purchase, I learned that this car was purchased used from the original owner in 1968. The 2nd owner, her brother, drove it for a brief time and then placed into hibernation when he went off to war in Viet Nam. She went on to say that her brother, upon return,wasn't able to drive for some reason and/or a combination that he wanted to keep the car as a collectors item. It was driven on only a couple very rare occasions (weddings etc.) and moved to it's final resting place in his mother's garage after his divorce around 1981 or 1982. There, he covered with blankets that he would occasionally remove, then spend time sitting in while he ran the car. This continued into the 80’s but I do not know exactly when the last time it actually ran. Judging from the condition I’d guess that it wouldn’t take much to get it fired up. I have been trying to keep this car as I found it as once I start messing with it, it is no longer a garage find which does appeal to many collectors these days.

This is a“true” Gran Sport with all matching numbers throughout. It has the correct numbers matching “LX” coded 425 block, original carburetors with correct numbers and dual snorkel air cleaner, correct “BS” coded transmission and positive traction rear end. Raise the hood and you will see the original water pump,fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, radiator, fan belts, hoses, tower top clamps, master cylinder, spark plug wires, hot water valve, relays and more.Car has all 5 original Chrome Wheels, lug nuts and correct center caps. It sits on 4 original style 8:55x15 tri-band whitewall tires and the original spare (nubbies still on the tread) is the original 8:45x15 variety so I’m more than certain that this is the original equipment item.

The car was well stored inside a dry garage. The overall body is rust free with the exception of some very light surface on the lower rear quarter panels which is probably a result of dampness from the concrete floor. The floor pans, floor braces, trunk pans, body mounts and sheet metal are ROCK SOLID. The body is pretty darned straight but it has had a few light skimmers of body filler and some paint work which I presume was done prior to 1968. The trunk material is dry from age but the floor underneath is unbelievable. The bumpers are straight and chrome is all very very nice. The pot metal (diecast) chrome parts may show some age but there is little to none of the heavy pitting you'd expect to seeon a '65. Taillamp bezels do show some pitting but this is often evident even on California cars. The interior is beautiful with only 2 flaws, one of which makes no sense on a car with the beautiful interior this car has. 1st is some wear on the driver's armrest and2nd is a very, very small split on the driver's seat back. The seats are firm and not all sprung out like one would see in a higher mileage. Carpets are original and extremely nice. Headliner, door panels, dash and dash pad are excellent, as is all of the original wood graining on the door panels and console. Package shelf is near mint condition and the steering wheel could pass for NOS out of the box. Dash gages, needles and appointments are like day one. Glass is clear with no de-lamination. Roof rail weatherstrip is dry but allthere and this is to be expected in any climate by this age. Interior lenses are mint and door jamb switches and boots are functional and supple. I could go on and on and on...<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

Color is Verde Green with a matching all vinyl interior. In addition to the standard Riviera equipment such as power steering, power brakes, tilt steering wheel etc., there is the Gran Sport Performance Package, AM/FM Radio, Rear seat speaker, Electric Antenna, Whitewall Tires (yes, they were optional), Positive Traction Differential (included in GS pkg.), Air Conditioning, Soft ray Tinted Windshield and Soft Ray Tinted Glass, Front Seat Belts, Rear Window Defroster,Remote Control Outside Mirror, Power Windows, Electro Cruise Control, Automatic Trunk Release, Formula V Chrome Plated Wheels, Custom Interior Trim, Ribbed Rocker Panel Moldings (included with custom interior option).

As far asprice goes ? I have spent a lot of time researching these cars lately but then,I have always tried to keep my finger on the pulse. I highly doubt that there is another car this original in existence. SOLID, REAL Gran Sports are quickly becoming impossible to find in any condition. I have seen below average ’65 Rivieras, rusty/unrestored cars and tacky looking rat rods selling for $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 I'm pricing this one somewhere between that and restored offerings which I've seen priced as high as $ 86,000.00. For now, I'm going to place the asking price at $ 25,000 and see what happens.

As always, I have tried to be as honest as possible. If you have any questions or care to discuss this car further then please feel free to contact me via this thread, by private message or by phone at 773-440-3394 (8 AM to 11 PM CST).

Thank you !<o:p></o:p>









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Guest loadmaster

Please note that the heavy buildup on undercarriage id dealer applied undercoating...









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Put it on Ebay with a reserve and let the bidders determine its value. No offense but you're not going to get $25K for a car that doesn't run. All of the fluids, gaskets, tires, A/C freon, belts and hoses are going to have to be changed plus a lot of other things. You should at least wash and wax the exterior to make it look better. Trying to get it running is not a bad idea either. Good luck.... :)

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That is an amazing find. Wow! I would second the advice on getting it running and driving, which will add a lot more value than it will cost. Nobody will pay $25,000 for an unknown, but if it runs and drives, I think you're in the right neighborhood. We recently sold a non-GS '65 that was very close to a #1 car in the low-$30s, so this one with a bath and fully operational should easily pull the numbers you're thinking. These are not disposable beaters anymore, and a survivor GS is an AWESOME find.

Get it running and a bath and you'll put money in your pocket easily. Good luck!

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Guest loadmaster

Normally I would do exactly as you suggest but there has been a growing trend of buyers that want to find a low mileage car like this as is and there are two parties that want to see it this week knowing the asking price. Who knows ? We see cars that are literally unearthed bring big dollars and those roll through the BJ, RM and Mecum auctions for insane amounts of money that leave experienced collectors scratching their heads... I think the real price of a car is determined when 2 people shake hands, at least for that deal.

I wanted to try this approach 1st and if it's still here next week, then it will get detailed and running. Of course the fluids would be changed - gas tank cleaned, but those original belts and hoses will be staying for the next owner to change. Those items help the provenanace...

Thanks for your thoughts. They directly reflect my feelings.


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Guest loadmaster

I also have this car posted over in the AACA Buick forums so I'm copying a few of my more recent postings from that site below.

"I moved the car by flatbed today to my friend's repair shop so we could do a little more exploration. Nice arrangement because part of this shop has drive on ramps from the early muffler business days. This allows us to get underneath and see so much more and so I continue getting blown away by the originality. We pulled the spark plugs, drained the oil and removed the filter which hasn't been produced since the early 60s. Oils was old but there was no water or anti-freeze mixed in with it and that's a very good sign. Got a breaker bar on the crankshaft and the motor turned as free as a hot knife through butter. Soaked down the cylinders, let it sit a few hours, installed new spark plugs. A shot of starting fluid and she fired right up and wanted to idle on its own. Unbelievable ! Soaked down the carburetor linkages and shafts and we'll see if they are any looser in the morning. If so, we'll siphon out any remaining fuel and replace with fresh. This is a process and even if it doesn't run with the carburetors as is, I know it will after someone rebuilds them . The important part is that it does run which is a very important factor for any buyer."

"Back at it again today and the carburetor linkage freed up overnight. I couldn't get fuel from the original pump so we hooked up a temporary electric pump with a 5 gallon can of premium gasoline. Hit the key and she fired right up with virtually no valve train noise and the little bit that was there quickly subsided. The car warmed up some and the choke pulled off bringing the car down to a smooth idle, smoothe enough to set a glass of water on the valve cover. I'm very happy but dumbfounded at the same time as I've never had a car that sat 1/2 this long be this cooperative. Added 2 quarts of trans fluid and the car shifts smoothly through the gears and it even has a solid brake pedal."

If interested, you can se more responses and pictures here http://forums.aaca.org/f117/sale-1965-buick-riviera-gran-sport-350723.html

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