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Good news for 1940-50 senior Packard owners

Guest Water Jacket

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Guest Water Jacket

Especially good news if you like to drive at dusk, night, before dawn and want brighter head and tail lights, have extra equipment, like faster battery recovery, easier starting:

For all 1940-50 Packards with the 356 engine. Jim at

Antique Auto Battery

602 West Rayen Avenue

Youngstown, OH 44502-1126

1 (800) 426-7580


AAB also, of course, can supply such bolt-in, 6-volt, positive-ground, one-wire alternators for all Packards and other cars not using the hefty fanbelt of the 356 engines.

No butchering or alteration of the car in the least. Comes with complete bracket. If you miss the dim head and taillights at idle at dusk and night, you can easily reinstall your original AutoLite or Delco generator, with its 35 peak amps only when your engine's turning 2,000 or more rpm, anytime, should you tire of having 55 amps at idle, faster battery recovery, etc.

This tip strictly for those of you who like me, have long since made your purist bones, and aren't aghast at such a simple, wee upgrade that doesn't harm our cars in the least.

Should it make the rest of you feel better, some taxis and other vehicles in the '50s had six-volt alternators.

If you don't say anything, few will ever notice your upgrade. Our cars look sleeker with the hoods closed, anyway, and those complaining at the local shine and show might get lives or go work on their own cars.

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