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We can tell how many are rfegistered with the BCA, that's easy. So you can check the roster and count for a particular model. But this is only a fraction so you would need to estimate a total. There are still a number that arehidden away in barns with only a few people knowing about them. So a short simply anser is no.


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I suspect there are many more teens and 20's prewar Buicks registered with HCCA and AACA clubs than you will find in the BCA.

Aside from checking with the DMV for every state and province, I think checking the membership rosters for those clubs would get you closer to the info. you seek.

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R.L.Polk is a company that tracks all sorts of things so they can sell the information to manufacturers, etc.

Several years back I made contact with them at SEMA and have been able to get information on Buick Reattas registration in the US.

They have been able to supply Reatta information by year and by state.

You may be able to purchase this info, you would need to contact them.

Their info on cars is registered cars only......if it is in a museum, private collection, or dealer that has it as inventory it will not appear.

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