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1917 Stutz - wheels

Stutz in the UK

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I have a 1917 Stutz 'R' Type, it has fitted, what I believe are the optional 'Hook' wire wheels retained by a central cap (the cap says Stutz in the centre)

I have a bit of vibration at 45MPH and have been told the offside front wheel looks to shake at 45 MPH

Can anyone advise on balancing these wheels please - the Tyres are Dunlop Silvercord 35 / 5's

I am in the UK, so its either advice on how to balance these wheels myself or advice on anyone who might be able to help me over here

I am wondering if a modern tyre balancer machine might be able to help

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Houk wire wheels became standard equipment on Stutz for the 1917 R model year, they remained so throughout the production of 4 cylinder cars except for 1919 which carried Rudge.

Attached are 2 pictures of period wheel balancing weights.

1. Setscrew clamped that nest into lock rings or the curl of the rim on back side. Largest is 2 OZ. in weight

2. Cast lead weights of Bear brand manufacture, different colors for different weight, cap around the spoke and nipple of a wire wheel and are crimped tight.

I would suggest 2 things, first spin your wheels to be sure that they are not bent. A modern tire balancer may be helpful.

Next if weight is need to balance, use the old time racing method. Cover a spoke nipple and maybe some of the spoke itself with old fashioned friction tape. This is what is used on baseball bat handles not electrical tape. Wrap wire type solder around the tape as needed to balance then cover with more tape to secure. You can see this in old racing pictures as a lump on one or more spokes.

Simple spin balancing on the car until the wheel doesn't reverse direction to stop with heavy spot down may suffice.



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Hi Layden, thank you for your reply. As ever all your advise is very useful.

Today I found a garage near where I live who have a suitable balancer.

All of my wheels had masses of lead weights attached by a previous owner - the initial check with these weights attached showed two of the wheels needing 39oz of weight to balance them (clearly quite wrong). We removed all the old weights and with then just quite small weights got the wheels into balance.

One of my wheels is quite out of shape and has been banashied to the second spare for now

The car is sooooo much better - wish I had done this ages ago

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