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Took delivery of my new 1954 Buick Roadmaster 72R...finnaly!

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I actually took delivery last Saturday, and what a day it was. I was of course very excited but there were some disappointments. First off, it has had a full repaint so survivor is gone. Also the repair guys used a colour gun to pick the roof colour....and 60 year old white paint with blue underneath will show blue right?

My roof was painted a soft blue and not white????

Anyway, it is all over and the good news is that this car is in great shape and should be on the road as a reliable driver in weeks. The front seat covers were super crispy and torn and falling off so I will remove it and cover with a throw cover for now. The only thing I see why I can't drive this car is the tires and a bad oil leak from the valve covers....easy fix for sure. The other issue is the seat I believe is closer to the wheel that my other Roadmaster 2 door, unfortunately I honk the horn with my belly every time I reach the radio. Yeash, just one more indication I really have to loose some weight.

So I have to just go through the car with full checks, desludge the engine, check breaks ect ect ect and I'm on the road.

Some neat things...the delivery tags that are on the controls at the dealership were in the glove box along with other neat docs. There was a picture of Harriet (the only other owner) and her car in the glove box. For the engine correctness geeks the fuel lines are painted on this one and all the clamps are still the old high top ones.

In the end it was worth it all, I have a nice driver with a neat story. Hope to have it in South Bend with Dad in the passenger seat!

The family all ready for the first ride to the drive in!




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Congrats Bob!!!! Look at the smiles, they couldn't be happier!!!

The windshield looks great as does the top trim. They even saved the inspection sticker. How did the headliner come out.

You know you can adjust the steering wheel toward the dash some right? I suspect Miss Harriet had it pulled back toward toward the seat as far as she could.

All's well that ends well. Now ENJOY!!!!

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Well the oil leak is not bad, might not even be one. Found that I have a coolant leak at the thermostat which re-hydrated all the old oil on top.

I noticed a small arc from a plug to the head...wires? bad plug?

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Bob,, it took long enough to get it, but in the end, it all worked out, and I'm sure your face had as big a smile as the kids. Go, drive, enjoy, and try to forget the bad parts of getting it. Best of luck with Harriet in the future..B

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