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Unusual 2cycle 2cylinder engine need ID-early horseless carriage ?

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Trying to ID this early engine. Two cylinder, two cycle, three port induction, 4 x 4 bore and stroke. I've been looking at many ads for Roberts engines and Elmore cars...close, but no cigar. I was hoping someone may have an idea. The crankcase is all aluminum with bronze bearings, cast iron pistons, three piece rods. Some have said marine engine, but with the crank starting pin and drive sprocket on one end and the flywheel key on the other, I am inclined to think early auto. Any ideas appreciated.




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Wanted to update the thread with latest progress. Got her running earlier this year using a Marvel carburetor. Started right up and runs nicely for a three-port two cycle having so much space in the lower crankcase . Still looking for an ID. Flywheel is one I thought looked period correct....


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