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1931 Plymouth PA side shaft & bearings


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Hi All. Can anybody help me understand how to get the rear side shaft bearings out from the axel. Please also explain how to set the adjustments when installing new bearings. All the do and donts will be appreciated.



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There was a major axle redesign between '32 and '33 so I may be way off base. But on my '33 the axle shaft bearings, and thus the axle, are retained by the brake backing plate. Shims, if needed, are between the brake backing plate and the bearings. Looking at the lousy image in my master parts book reprint, I think the '28 through '32 axle works the same way.

To remove the axle shaft, remove the brake backing plate and then if the axle does not just pull out by hand rig something to pull it. If I recall correctly, I just attached a brake drum to the shaft give me something to really hang on to and then pulled them out by hand. I've heard of people rigging a slide hammer to pull them out.

On my '33 and, if I make out the details on the '28-'32 axle in the parts book image correctly, there are two bearings on the axle with a little seat area between them. I think you need some sort of bearing splitter along with a press to remove them. I ended up taking a copy of the "operator's manual" picture of the axle showing that detail along with the new bearings and the axle shafts to my local automotive machine shop who then figured out how to press off the old and press on the new. I did not watch the operation so I am not sure how they did it.

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Isn't the axle held on by the outer bearing race? The two bearings on the axle are sandwiched between two races and the outer race needs to be pulled out to free the axle. Since this outer race is pressed or driven into the axle housing after the axle is installed, don't you need some sort of puller to get the axle out? I may be wrong here, but since I'm going to have to address this on my 32 dodge DL I'd like to be sure. Maybe you can exert enough force using the brake drum method to get everything free - I hope so!

EDIT: I missed the slide hammer reference. That's the direction I was going.

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