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1967 Riviera article mentioned page 5, May/June 2013 Riview


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I just read most of the May/June issued received today. On page 5 Ray mentions the '67 Riviera article published in Polish of the Driver Car & Bike magazine stating it can't be read because its in Polish. There may be a solution to this through google.com. Go to google.com, type in the

magazine's website, www.driver-magazyn.pl/ When that comes up click on the link that

says "Tranlate this page." You can read their website and cover page of their current magazine issue there in english. After some searching around I was not able to find or gain access to the article of the '67 Riviera titled "Rhapsody in Blue." However, this magazine is on Facebook. If you go to this link https://www.facebook.com/DriverMagazyn and are on Facebook so you can login (I'm not) you can probably read it in English. You can however see the title page of the article and a photo of the Riv in Polish. Good luck to someone a little more resourceful then me.


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