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Correct 1926 "B" Engine Parts - 3 Mains - Hey Vern I'm Over Here!

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After hi-jacking about 19 entries on the 1928 water pump thread I figured I better start my own thread. After finding out from Vern that my engine in my Coupe is a two month only (March & April 1926) it seems I will be pretty lonely here......

Vern you mentioned you might have the coupling assembly I need for the water pump to generator. Can I use the water pump and generator I purchased and just replace the shafts?

Does anyone have a photo of this engine? All I have is a block, crank, head, and 4 pistons. 2 months only......Yep I'm gonna be lonely.....

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that some of the parts you lack are probably available on the B and C engines. That would make you less lonely. The best way to determine what will fit would be to pick up a master parts list. This will tell you by serial numbers what fits on what. It's helped me out quite a bit. I have a C engine in the sedan I'm selling that I could take pics of if you want. I believe that the B was in production from March 0f 26 to about mid August and the C from mid July until Jan 1 of 27. They overlapped for a month and a half. Jay

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Guest Backyardmechanic


If the dist.unit has the taper shaft and the water pump has a taper shaft like you show then all you need is a steel compelling that has a taper inside to match the taper on the shaft also a flex disc compelling to connect the two units togeather then you will be good to go.This hook up is what the later "C" engine has.

WE do carrie the Disc compelling But we are out of the tube type and these were NOS have no idea where we can fine a supplier for them.


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