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1956 Special model 41 $950 Nebraska

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Not mine, but just want to get the word out. This is on the rarely viewed "vintage parts cars" section of Ebay where few will find it. Way too nice for a parts car in my opinion, has rare and desireable power steering, nice body, nice trim, and even the spark plug covers are in place. 1956 Special 4-dr. sedan for only $950 and seller will throw in the few parts that are missing, or for $1350 he will throw in an extra engine, transmission and trim from another parts car. Quite a fair deal, especially for someone not too far from Nebraska.

1956 Buick Special 4 Door Sedan with EXTRAS | eBay

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I had to look twice to see if this was the same car or not 1956 Buick. 'snot ... WTF is it with these sweet lil 4 doors not getting any more respect than they do. I really don't want to hear it as I have heard it too many times before... but just sayin....


I will be parting out a 56 buick. Call 507-381-3231

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