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36 series 40 privacy curtain

Guest essox

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Guest essox

Although I have the upper bar with the spring and the lower solid bar, I don't know what the curtain looks like complete. Anybody have a pic of one for me to follow? Also some dimensions would help. Tks

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Here are some photos from my '38 Buick.

First photo shows the shade connected to it's "clamp". As well as the fourth showing the same side in close up.

The second photo shows the shade up and connected to it's "snap".

The third photo a wider view of the shade up.

Fifth photo shows the right (driver side).

Final photo showing the shade before it is brought in position over the window.

The shade is not stained it's the sun shining on the backside.

The hardware I believe is original. It is secured to the rear window sill.

In my car it pulls upward.

I have seen a '36 where the shade is pulled downwards to the sill.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.







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