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victory 6 coupe value

Guest BretK

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Guest BretK


I have the option to purchase an unrestored original condition victory 6 coupe. It will be my first automobile restoration project, i have previously restored steam items, (boats, traction engines ect) I am NOT going to hot rod this car. I either want to do a full frame up resto, or just get it running and leave it as is. I want to make a fair offer, but do not know its value. The engine turns over via hand crank easily, it was put away running 30+ yrs ago, but the fellow turns it over by hand monthly. It appears all there, the body is sound except for one spot near the body/cowl junction on the drivers side. It needs new rubber and the gas tank needs repaired. What is a fair offer?

Thanks, Bret







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Guest 1930

That is one VERY NICE car, I would do nothing to it other than clean it up and get it driveable, I would be happy to pay 5500 for what I see in the pictures but would consider it a great deal if I could pick it up for 35 or 45.

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