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2013 Electric Sociability Run - Memorial Day - Rock Creek Park, DC

Guest mczajka

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Guest mczajka

EVA/DC and MD Volt Inc., two Mid-Atlantic electric vehicle clubs, are planning the commemoration of the 1914 Electric Sociability Run.

As I'm sure you know, electric vehicles were very popular in the early days of the automobile. In 1913, there were over 700 electric cars in the city of Washington, DC. A group organized a "sociability run" of 54 electric cars that drove 14 miles to a picnic in Rock Creek Park on May 27, 1914. We are commemorating the 99th anniversary of that event this Memorial Day.

We already have about 34 electric cars with 54 drivers and guests registered so far. I expect that we will have over 40 EVs which is probably the largest gathering of electric vehicles in Washington since those historic events. We have already received some early press attention, nationally.

Our message is that the automobile is returning to its electric roots. It would be a bonus to have a classic electric vehicle there!




Mark Czajka


MD Volt Inc.


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