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Mr Riviera

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I have a real nice AM / FM 65 radio that works but needs some attention ( filter condenser ? ) . I am trying to decide if I should convert it to modern circuitry or have it gone over by someone . Any thoughts ? Do you know of a good repair person with reasonable prices or a good place to get it converted ? :rolleyes:

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I'd probably send it to a shop for servicing. I don't have any expereince with the full conversions.

I'm sure there are some good shops out your way but if you can't find one here is an excellent source in the east. They automatically clean the tuner, replace several capacitors, lubricate, cosmetic improvement if needed, and other preventice maintenace for around $150. By having it fully serviced you drastically improve the chances of trouble free operation in the future.

You can get a bass/treble sound upgrade for another $50 and for another $50 you can get a cord installed to plug an iphone or ipod into to play music from those devices.

I have used them personally and received two other Buick owner references prior to that.

Precision Stereo Repair

New Hartford NY


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I am assuming this radio is for a Riviera, and if so would not really have an opinion. However, if it is for the full sized 65, I would definitely have it repaired as those things are probably very rare.

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