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1953 Buick Radiator

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I have a recently rebuilt radiator for a 1954 or 1955 Buick. I bought this for my 1953 Roadmaster and after having the radiator rebuilt, I realized that it was not the correct one for my application.

The work was done by a reputable shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The tank reads Harrison 3131176 R-24 55D

The Buick Master parts book indicates that this is for 1954-1955 40 D.F. Omit on A.C.; 1954-41D; 1955 -41-43-46r C.T. Used with A.C.; 1954-55-50-60 C.T. Omit on A.C.

This has not been used since being rebuilt.

Sorry for the upside down pictures.

I have over $400 in the rebuild, I would like to get $325.






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I also have a 1953 that I am working on (mine is a Super). The 54-56 radiators sure look like they would fit our 1953's. What was the issue with the 1954 radiator? Did it not fit or was it just that the top tank has the wrong number on it for our 1953's? I understand wanting to keep things all original, but right now I am just trying to get this thing on the road...

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