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Mopar Convertible Wiper Guide Rod

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I'm not sure if this extends to other years, but I know the 1937-38 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto convertibles had a link between the windshield frame and the wiper arm/blade. What I don't know is what it looks like and how it attaches at the wiper end. I also don't know if this is the same as other years.

I've attached a photo of where it goes on my car. Original Chrysler part number is:

"Windshield wiper blade guide rod: 758404"

also used only on the convertibles are (among all the other specific parts they have):

"Windshield wiper arm assembly: 753544"

"Windshield wiper blade: 753754"

I really would like to find at least one guide rod and wiper arm and blade set (a pair would be great), but what I am asking for now is if anyone has ever seen any or has any photos of these so I can see how it all works together. I'd take measurements and make my own if I need to. I'm pretty sure it's to articulate the blade so it doesn't end up on the chrome windshield frame or the body. It seems every picture I've found of one of these cars, they are missing, but sometimes the little chrome tab is still there.

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I thought I would add a photo of the wiper area on my convertible, so you all see what I mean.:)


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