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1955 Trunk/Spare Tire Questions

Paul Falabella

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I ordered trunk fabric,crosstich taupe w/black, from SMS. Looks near match. The side panels on my trunk are fabric covered cardboard, looks factory, never seen another car like that? Other 55's side panels are bare textured cardboard, that right?

Floorpan has several factory made holes covered with a filler, which is no longer sticking to the pan. What can I use that is similar to cover these holes?

The spare tire well is finished in a tan textured paint which is coming up in some spots. I removed the loose stuff and the surface rust. What can that be refinished with?

I have 8.20's on the car and the spare is snug in the well. Didn't come with a spare and maybe not original jack. Anyone have a picture of a spare/jack setup the way it's supposed to be?

Lotta question for a trunk,I know.

Thanks in advance



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