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Need ID help with exterior light parts


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I have a box of these taillight, headlight, lenses, mouldings, trim, etc. and I'm trying to figure out what they belong to. I tried searching the part numbers on them, but am coming up with nothing. I have groups of the parts pictured below, and I am also listing part numbers below. Can you please either help me identify the parts - or let me of a resource where I may be able to research these numbers with more success. Thanks.

Guide 13 SAE STDBR 68 Guidex

Guide 4B SAE K73 "

Guide 16A SAE STDB 67 "

Guide 13 SAE STDB 69R "

Guide 14 SAE STDB 68 "

Guide 16S SAE STDB 69 "

Guide 13 SAE STDB 66 "

Guide 13S SAE STDB 66 "

Guide II SAE STDB 68 "

Guide II Sae STDB 65 "

Guide 12 SAE STDB 68 "

Guide II SAE DP66

Guide F1B-60 SAE-AI

Guide 1XA SAE STD-64

Guide 11 SAE STDB 66 w/moulding


Guide 15 SAE STDB 67

Ford SAE-2A2IP2R2S2T-74FE

Ford SAE-B-63FE Top


Ford SAE-A2IR2S2T-73 AMY

Cordoba LH 4076083 58622 2-8-12827 CAV.1 (with Cordoba coin)

No. 779 MFD. by Stimsonite (like round rear light - all red)

SAE-B68 Stratolite

L672 England SAE STB 62 Lucas





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