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Mystery "valve" on inner fender?

just Matt

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I'm sure this will sound like a dumb question (sorry, I'm a Riviera newbie), but what is the plastic barrel shaped part mounted to the passenger side inner fender? I'm guessing it's related to the heater somehow, but mine is not connected to anything at all. Part has the name "DOLE VALVE CO." on it.

I'm stumped :confused:

Vacuum reservoir perhaps?



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OK. So I'm pretty sure it's a vacuum reservoir. Can someone tell me what the proper vacuum hose routing is?


It gets manifold vacuum and the other line is a small hose that goes thru the dash and feeds vacuum switches. It holds vacuum so that the heater doors stay in 1 position under wide open throttle or high load.

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As Buick GSX said this has a line that runs inside to the heat and A/C controls. It is fed from a port on top of the intake manifold behind the carburetor. If you have a vacuum trunk release there is a "T" in that line from the intake that goes down to a metal vacuum reservoir on the firewall that is located to the right of the passenger side body mounts. The smaller line from that metal reservoir then has a small line that goes through the firewall to the trunk release. Should you decide to add the trunk release there are dimples in the firewall where you would drill the holes to mount the metal reservoir. Also, check on eBay for the Chassis manual for your car. It has the vacuum diagrams of where all those lines run. It was invaluable when I replaced all of my lines. Keep in mind that to replace all of your lines and if you have the vacuum trunk release you can easily use approximately 75 feet of that small diameter rubber line.

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Even if you did have a trunk release on your '64, it wouldn't be attached to the vacuum canister (mystery valve) you're questioning.

The trunk release on a '64 is like the one on a '63. There is a direct vacuum hose that runs from the trunk latch to the "vacuum pump" located in the glove box. The "vacuum pump" on a '64 is a simple syringe type pump - you pull the handle, you create a vacuum; nothing stored from the engine. This in only an example of why it's so handy to have a set of chassis / body manuals. And another example of how 1st generation Rivieras differ from year to year. To see an illustration of how a '64 remote trunk release works, it's on page 11-154 in the '64 chassis manual.

There's not any direct explanation for the vacuum storage tank (mystery valve) in the chassis manual but there are illustrations that include it. As far as I can tell, a vacuum line from the engine goes to the vacuum storage tank and then a separate line goes into the cockpit and becomes the supply for the heating and a/c controls. No other function for the "mystery valve" other than a storage tank for the heating and a/c controls. It probably supplies vacuum to the dampers in the system to keep them in position while you're accelerating so the doors won't close and you loose your a/c.

I've never owned a '65 so I can't relate to how the remote trunk release on those work. If the '65 just has a button you push to release stored vacuum it's not like the 63/64 units, which are much simpler.


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My 65 has sort of like a "T" handle that you pull and it then allows the reserve vacuum to work the trunk release. The problem with that is if all of your vacuum lines are not up to par, the reserve vacuum goes away after a short time without the engine running. Personally I like the earlier version because it will work no matter how long the car has been sitting. I have replaced all of the lines in my 65 but I don't know how it is going to work yet because the car is not back together yet from having been repainted.

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Personally I like the earlier version because it will work no matter how long the car has been sitting.

It's unreal how often you can get into the trunk of a car in a salvage yard that's been there for what seems like forever if they're equipped with this option. No keys necessary!!!

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