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Big day for the Reatta

DH Comet

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Well, it's a big day for my Reatta! ICBC (the crown corporation that rules car insurance and licencing here) has agreed that my Reatta should have collector status, so I traded my old regular plates in for the collector ones. Sorry the picture isn't bigger, and I obscured half the number, which takes away from some of the effect. It means I not allowed to drive it to work anymore (not that I did that very often), but the yearly insurance premiums are very much lower indeed, and it doesn't have to pass the AirCare tests anymore. It's one of my big goals for the car achieved. A good day!


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Very nice! My 88 would qualify for "historic" plates here in MO this year as it is 25 years old. Have looked into this but do not like the stipulations/limitations imposed by having such a registration on the car. I drive it too much (because I enjoy it and cars are meant to be driven) to make it work. So, for now it stays with standard plates. Luckily, pre OBD-2 cars (before 1996 model year) need only safety inspections here and are exempt from emissions testing, so that is no longer an issue for me irrespective of the type of plate.

If I got another 88 or 89 coupe as a driver, I might reconsider historic plates on the one I have now as it is still low miles (just shy of 45,000 today) and could better justify minimizing it's use then to show car/weekend jaunt status.


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Yes, the limitations are a bit off-putting. With collectors' plates here you can drive the car all day, every day, as much as you want, as long as it's not to work. It's funny, because although I've only driven it to work twice ever, now I want to - I suppose because now I can't! For me the money makes it worthwhile.

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