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1950 Buick Special 41D parts

Guest Buick Special 1950

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Guest Buick Special 1950

We wish to purchase the following Buick car parts: </SPAN>

Any of the following would be very much appreciated. The car is 95% finished and we need these parts to complete it.</SPAN></SPAN>

Top hood ornament</SPAN></SPAN> (gunsight) </SPAN></SPAN>

Rear door side stainless strips</SPAN> half way up the outside of the door for the same car; and</SPAN></SPAN>

One arm rest</SPAN> for inside door; and</SPAN></SPAN>

Small bit of chrome</SPAN> fitting in between the two doors which is attached to the door pillar with two screws.</SPAN></SPAN>

The small screws that hold the front park lights on.</SPAN></SPAN>

Inside light switch on door pillar.</SPAN></SPAN>

Do you send parts to New Zealand? If not we have an address in Oregon and they can onsend parts to us.</SPAN></SPAN>

I would appreciate your answer at your earliest convenience.</SPAN></SPAN>


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