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Brake master cylinder


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For my 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior 4 door I am seeking advice on how to repair the master cylinder. The master cylinder is the box type (4x4) with the barrel inside. It appears an attempt was made to repair the M.C. but the correct innards were not available so the car sat in a barn for over 40 years. The brake lines looks like copper covered in fabric tubing, looks likes 5/16 with long brass flare nuts. Although I wish to keep everything original I will change all copper and brass brakes components to steel. I can handle the flaring tool. I got aftermarket flex line online. I bought a MC kit on ebay for $132.70 from Classic Exotic Service in Troy, Michigan. I got a plunger, cup, check valve, 2 paper gaskets and 2 rubber rings that does not belong in the cylinder (1 and a 1/4 bore) Is there anyone out there who can tell me what is missing? There must be something to push the cup back when the pedal is released. A coil spring?. If you go on the website of Classic Exotic Services you will see the kit. says it is also used for Dusenberg and some other cars. Thanks everyone. trini.

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I found the answer. There is a long coil spring about 3 and a 1/2 inches, conical shape with a metal disc about the size of a dime attached at the smaller end . This end sits against the inside of cup and the larger end sits against a spring loaded valve about the size of a quarter at the distributing pipe end. The spring did not com with the kit but I had one in my junk box . I phoned Classic and Exotic services who walked me through the rebuilding process. It works like a charm. Great guys to deal with. trini

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Since you are building all-new brake lines, you might consider using Copper-Nickel-Ferous (CuNiFer) alloy brake lines. They don't rust, they look coppery, they polish beautifully, and (best of all) they are EASILY formed. Available at NAPA and most parts stores.

Eastwood sells a terrific flaring tool. Not cheap, but after using it once you'll wonder how you faced each day without it.


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