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Earl C Anthony dealership San Francisco, 901 Van Ness

Doc Hubler

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Hi, I'm looking for some information about this dealership. Anthony was a Packard dealer primarily so I'm starting here, but I understood (maybe incorrectly?) that they also sold other makes as well. Specifically, I'm interested if Hudson cars were sold at the San Francisco dealership. It seems that they were at Burlingame, San Mateo Area, just south of the city. But I'm interested in the main dealership building in SF.

Furthermore, and I know this is reaching, are there any records on the cars sold there? Specifically, would they have records of VIN numbers for the Hudson cars they sold (if that happened)? I'm looking up some specific history on these cars sold in that area.

I am a member of the Hudson Essex Terraplane club, and there is quite a bit of info on those dealerships around the country, but the particular one mentioned is not verified in some of their publications. I'm specifically interested in the year 1933. As far as I'm aware, HET doesn't have info on which cars were shipped to which dealerships around the country, but I will pursue that. Basically, what records are available from the Earl C. Anthony dealership network? I want to verify a specific car that was perhaps purchased there in 1933 to lay out the provenance.

Appreciate the help in directing me to appropriate resources!


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