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SEM color options for 1990-1991 gray interior


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Just as a matter of record should someone search for this information. I’m going leave out much of the back story for if included, this would read as a novel.

I had to change the horn buttons on my gray interior convertible. I had a pair of horn buttons in light graphite that came from a Roadmaster. Based on past information available here and a couple exchanges of e-mail with forum members, I went shopping for an aerosol can of SEM 15873 (Medium Slate Gray). For a variety of reasons (air quality restrictions, availability, local government nonsense), this color couldn’t be found and/or mixed for an aerosol in Los Angeles (I don’t need the color in liquid form). After looking at a color chart from a nearby SEM vendor, I purchased a standard Light Gray color (SEM #17123).

I sprayed the horn buttons and the color was maybe a shade or two lighter to the color of the airbag and the original horn buttons. Acceptable but I had an epiphany and decided to look on eBay for SEM 15873 (Medium Slate Gray). Found a can for a few dollars in Michigan, it arrived in a couple days and I re-sprayed one of the buttons. The color was significantly darker (but not as dark as the original graphite color from a Roadmaster) than the bad horn buttons it was to replace. I called SEM in South Carolina and asked a tech if there should be a color difference between an aerosol and liquid. Answer was no.

To summarize, I ended up have both ‘new’ horn buttons sprayed SEM 17083 (Light Gray). I found the SEM 15783 too much of a darker contrasting color to the airbag and darker than the original horn buttons that came with the Reatta. Maybe I had a poorly formulated aerosol can (was produced at the SEM facility last November), but for a standard SEM color, #17083 (standard Light Gray) works. Also, I found that after spraying the first two coats lightly, I put the third coat on thick and it darkened the color to where if one didn’t know any better, it matches extremely well with the airbag.

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