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TOP BOW IRON hold down CLAMPS Left and Right


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Could these 2 clamps be 'aftermarket' for any type auto or truck or might they be associated with FORD due to the number markins...looks like '499 L' and '499 R' with (looks like) 'T-9' on lower part of each. Could those curved liners be hardened leather? Are these pre-1920s?

They are about 9 1/4 inches long and about 4 lbs 2 ozs the pair. Kinda stiff action needing lubrication.

thanx again.





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Those "clamps"-"top holder" was used on 1910s to mid 1920s,they are not after marked they were used on almost every open cars those years.But i`m sure there are hundreds of differnt shapes on them.

But those in the picture very much looks like Buick 1923-1924 4 cyl.models touring cars.

Leif in Sweden.

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