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1952 Chevrolet Coupe 2 door Chevy

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The 52 Chevy has the grill, front and rear bumpers , gas tank, windshield and rear glass stainless trim in the garage (not attached to the car) These parts are in very good condition with no dents. The only rust on the car is a small area on the drivers floor board and the lower trunk has a 1" diameter hole. There is no other cancer rust on the car these are the only two spots. The car is straight for the most part and there is a few areas where it will need more attention to make her perfectly straight. Missing front seat, no headliner, will need new upholstery installed. Steering wheel has a crack I do not know if its the original , I dont know much about early chevys. In the 80's someone installed the front and rear axles from a 65 Chevelle with front disc brakes. Chevy 327 but with a 2bbl carb. The motor sat for so long so do not count on it running. I have more pics of the under carriage , grill, bumpers, interior, etc, just provide your email thanks $2999 lowest price i can take buick54@ymail.com












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