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HI Guys I need your help: I need 3 parts for a 1983 Buick Park Ave 4 dr 5. rwd I have tried all over. These are the parts I need these are GM Part numbers 1:sensor. w/arm height rear crossmember for factory air shocks # 22082976 2: switch o/s mirror( remote control -LH driver door panel # 20424475 3: Blower & a/c clutch control module part # 12484912 these are GM factory part numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated I can not locate these parts. Thanks in advance for any help !!!!

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Hey Joseph44, you are not going to find alot of GM parts after the car is 10 yrs old as they are discontinued or thrown away. You might google the part # and find on Ebay, your only other option is to find a dealer that will search the part # to see if some dealer didn't dump it.

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