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1929 Master remains on ebay


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Who thinks the rare disc wheels are really 1929 Buick accessory disc wheels?

1929 Buick Model 46 "Business Coupe" Rat Rod Hot Rod Can Help with Delivery | eBay

I was contemplating making an offer as disc wheels are very rare but after researching them I don't think these are original Buick disc wheels.

The parts book and photos on the net indicate the disc wheels are hub demountable, like the wire wheels, the wheels on this are rim demountable like on the wooden artillery wheels.

I pointed this out to the seller but I'm pretty sure I upset him and he told me the Buick authorities in the USA had confirmed they are the rare Buick disc wheel accesory.

A quick comparison between the below photos should make the difference evident.

What's the consensus?




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And who is that good looking guy in the 29 Buick roadster ?

Bill McL

Some good looking Rooster from Canada I believe!

I think the wheels have been fabicated using 1929 Buick artillery hubs and 1929 Chev Discs - note only 4 retaining cleats - Buick used 6 and the shape is the same ( Buick dishes in, these come out from the hub ). Have attached a photo of a 1929 Chev with Disc wheels for comparison.

Bit of a shame I upset him as I was really chasing the front and rear bumpers just laying on the ground!!

Bill, any truth to the rumour you are heading down here to Perth for our Australian National Meet and Tour in September 2014?


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I'm coming. I'm in the very early stages of planning to bring my wife to the east coast to tour (she hasn't been to Aust. before) and then either have her come across with me to the National or send her home.

I see you have a 29-54CCX. There are a few of them in Aust. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a bunch of info on the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club / Newsletter.

Bill McL

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Don't know the answer to what Buick used and whether these are Chevrolet parts. I have a 1926 Pontiac on disc wheels and I have found from the Master Parts Book that there were two different types of wheel available in the era that Pontiacs were on 20s. One was the Baker wheel - like I think most Chevs used which is identifable by the nuts of the bolts used the hold the disc to the hub being visible. The other type is the Motor Wheel - which my Pontiac has - and what is visible is the carriage-bolt heads where the disc is connected to the hub.

The car above looks to have too wide tyres for Chev but it may also have had the rims widened.

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