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1932 DL Rumble Seat Parts


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I am missing the rumble seat bottom for my 1932 DL. I was wondering:

A: What does it look like?

B: What else am I missing?

C: What do the trim panels look like and what to they attach to?

D: What color was the upholstery supposed to be in there? Black vinyl seat with cardboard trim panels?

I am fortunate enough to have the seat back, but it looks like something heavy fell on it, so I need to straighten it. However, it looks like it still has the original upholstery. But that's all I have in the back there.

Now, if someone had some extra parts kicking around, that would be fantastic, but I am probably going to end up using a block of foam like my friend did in his car if I can't find parts.

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I am in the same boat as you with my 1936 Dodge RS cp. I have the rumble seat back but not the bottom cushion. I have talked with a couple different upholstery shops and they have told me not to worry that they can make the bottom cushion when I am ready for the upholstery to be done. If I can't find an original, I will just let them make it for me.

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