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Thought you have heard every advertising description?


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From time to time we post up the usual suspects in terms of automotive description. I thought I had heard most all of them but when someone posted this ad on another forum - I had to share:

Rolls-Royce : Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn Silver Spur in Rolls-Royce | eBay Motors

Hope you get the same laugh out of this one that I did! :D

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Guest Rob McDonald

Depending on what's left, scrap value might be $400, so it's still a bargain. Oh, except for the flatbed towing bill to get it to the crusher. You could sell tickets to watch that happen.

I LOVE the Grand Am ad. Gotta get me one.

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Ran well, until burned. It's been sitting several years since it burned.

I guess ALL junk cars ran well sometime during their history.

They're not going to sell parts from. Because they've been getting parts off of it for during the years it's been sitting.

(Read, there are no usable parts left)

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Guest heftylefty
Now somewhere out there, a waaay out there... there should be a rat rodder that would just love to have a Rolls Royce IFS....

The engine and trans look like a usable core. Did these have a GM transmission?

Someone could make a rat rod out of a lot of this.

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