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Sound Deadening Experience

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Guest gdiwicker

Hey Everybody,

Does anyone know how much the interior of a 64 Riv needs as far as Lizard Skin or a Dynamat material? Please let me know if you have used any of these products and what the results were.



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Ryan-I'm surprised nobody has answered you on this one. I'd figured somebody has used Dynamat on a Riv. I'm getting ready to re-do the interior on my 63, so I'm curious to know more. Here's what I do know:

1. You'll need to decide how quiet and how cool you'd like to go. If you go on the Dynamat site, there is a dizzying array of options. Different products (sound and heat barrier levels) for different applications (interior, trunk, under hood etc). I've seen cars where the owners wrap virtually everything in Dynamat. The whole thing looks like a tin foil bomb went off inside. I'm sure it that's great, but is it necessary? IMHO...if you cover the floor and maybe the doors and roof, you've made a huge improvement over the stock jute and tarpaper. Trunk, optional. Underhood, stupid. The principle behind Dynamat is really not about wrapping to whole car, rather strategic placement. Also, wrapping everything causes fitment problems later when you re-assemble the interior parts.

2. The stuff is spendy. Their bulk pack, which should cover a mid-sized car is about $800. Yikes. Eastwood sells a similar product for about half. My plan is to use Dynamat, but order enough pieces to cover the floor, trans tunnel, doors and rear armrest area (use thinner on the doors, thicker on the floors). I am still debating the roof. I'm redoing my headliner. The stock insulation is still stuck to the roof but the original "cotton candy" fiberous insulation is trashed. I'll probably have a pro do the headliner so I'll ask him what he thinks is best.

Bottom line: I'm thinking that about $4-500 worth of Dynamat should do a 64. That's what a buddy with a 68 GTO told me he spent to do his car. Anybody out there have any other input? Thx PRL

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When I had the body off my frame and the dash out I removed the ratty cardboard backed stuff.

I cut and trimmed a piece of 1/16" rubber that glued directly to the inside of the frirewall. I made another piece exactly the same from 1/2" foam carpet underlay, then sandwiched that under another 1/16th black rubber. Solid rubber is probably the best sound deaden-er you can get.

I have all the materials to do the same for the inner door skins as well. This really deadens noise and gives that GM sound when you close a door.

Years ago I had a 1970 Cougar that I had used the rubber and foam as a sound deadener on. A hardcore Ford guy came to look at it when I had it for sale. He looked real suspicious when he closed the door a few times. The car had a 351 Cleveland and I left it running while he inspected every inch of the car. He finally looked at me and said "I have never heard one of these engines idle so long and not hiccup." I told him not many Fords are tuned GM style.

Try gluing rubber sheets to the inner panels. It works great.


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