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What number is it on Olds 1923 bearings.

Leif Holmberg

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A friend of mine have bought a 1923 4cyl model 43 Oldsmobile,the car was in pices and the front wheel bearings are totaly missed.Anyone out there that have the inner and outer bearings numbers, Hyatt numbers or whatever type is it,there are proberly 3 different numbers on each inner and outer bearings.

Any ide where to buy for a fair price?

Thanks in advance Leif in Sweden

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I he takes the measurement of the outside diameter of the spindle and the inside diameter of the hub (for both inner and outer bearing) and the width of the bearing, any competent bearing supply shop should be able to provide a suitable bearing. Of course if someone comes up with the correct numbers it is so much easier.

By the way I really enjoy your contributions to this forum.


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Thanks Tinindian.Thanks Commodore,but 1924 dosen`t seem to be the same type,I have seen those on E-bay too,if I remember right the diameter on the inner bearings total diam. on 1923 is 3,56" and that looks much bigger than 1924 years models,1924 front bearings can be used for a lot of later cars if looking at E-bay listed bearings.

I hope anyone with an Oldsmobile 1923 or even earlier will take a look if they have the bearings in a sked or garage and can tell the numbers.

Thanks in advance Leif in Sweden.

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Olds model 43-A complete front wheel inner New Departure 909006, complete front outer New Departure 909005. I don't have the bearings you need but try Olcar Bearing Company. 135 James Creek. Southern Pines, NC. 28387. Phone 910-693<wbr>-3324. no website or email available. If you need help or the numbers for the other bearings on the car email me. mribbich@wi.rr.com Marv.

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