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Wanted: The history of my 1957 Century


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Hi all.

Last autumn I purchased a 1957 Buick Century Riviera 4-door hardtop in USA and had it shipped to my home country Denmark.

Its near original with only 38.000 miles on the meter and sometime over the years partly repainted in its original colours.

I have had the car inspected and is now registered in Denmark, but since I am currently deployed to South Sudan I haven't had much chance of driving it around, but the bit I have shows a perfectly running car.

I would like to track down bit of the history of my car, but haven't really found much. The dealer says he has no knowledge of the car's history.

If anybody has information or recognises the car, I would really appreciate any information.

All I know is:

I bought the car from Connors Motorcars in West Chester, Pennsylvania in June 2012.

I have found that the car was auctioned by Auctions America at Fort Lauderdale in March 2012.

Inside the windscreen there is a sticker from what appears to be Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

VIN: 6D 502 5512

And that's it.

Any information welcome.

Cheers - Lassepost-92856-143141861384_thumb.jpg


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