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Hi Everyone

I've now sold my Buick collection and have moved on to a new venture into Ferraris after much pressure from my son who does not appreciate the beauty of old cars!!!! With the weather and lack of following and understanding of Buicks in Britain, I only took my car out once or twice last year so decided it was time to let someone else enjoy them.

As a family, we have had some wonderful trips to the USA, sourcing parts and visiting car museums, from our first jaunt to the infamous Hershey to California from San Fransisco to LA stopping off at Bob's Autos on the way!! Our most recent trip was from Washington DC, onto the National Buick meet at North Carolina ,where we met some wonderful people with their fab Buicks, then flying to Chicago where my wife spent the last of my money!!

I can't thank everyone enough for their support and advice that I have had over the years. Without this forum I would never have been able to achieve what I did with my cars.Maybe one day I'll get another Buick and be back to annoy you all with my unrelenting questions? Thanks again

Colin Voice

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I am sure there are others on this forum that will be sad to hear this news. As time permits, please check in from time-to-time, as perhaps something will trigger your return to the Buick world. I hope you can encourage the new owner, or owners to use the forum. I certainly enjoyed our brief encounter in Concord and the communications as you found your parts. Good Luck with this next phase.


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