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I am trying to decide what color to paint my 1938 Imperial, which is something that won't be for a while yet, but I would like to start gathering information on. I have looked on Autocolorlibrary.com, as well as the DuPont online archives to get an idea what color my car may have been, but so far I am still unsure. My car "was" a 1938 C19 convertible that some farmer turned into a truck by hacking off the entire back part many years ago, and the rear body was subsequently replaced with one from a 1937 Royal convertible after my father acquired the car in the 1960's. I am now trying to finish this car where my dad left off on it before his passing.

There are a number of places under the side trim that show the original color(s). The original body was a metallic grey (perhaps "Chinchilla Grey") with a red vinyl interior (based on some remnants of the original door panels). The replacement 1937 body was originally a metallic brown/gold colour (it appears similar to "Del Monte Beige") with a tan top (no clue on the interior, as it's missing). I'm basing this on what color chips I was able to find before. Are there any specific paint names and recipes for Canadian cars available? I am leaning towards painting the car in the brown color. I did try to photograph a spot where I was able to buff some paint, but this is a difficult color to capture, and will post a couple of photos later on.

My 1938 Chrysler Canada parts book doesn't have much detail on paint nor trim codes.

Perhaps one of you guys might have some info that could help me try to get enough information to get some correct paint mixed up.

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