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Buick Special 41 T 8-cylinder mod. 1939

Guest liguarda

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Guest liguarda

I have a friend who has a Buick Special 41 T 8-cylinder. It's 1939, 4-door sedan.

Apparently few units were made of this model and have told us that this was just the last unit produced.

The VIN is 67752.

With this information I can find out if this is true?


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Welcome to the forums.

I don't understand what the "T" represents, but the model 41 Special 4 door sedan in 1939 was the most popular model Buick built, with 109,213 made.

The VIN is too short compared to the information I have at hand. According to the Standard Catalog of Buick, the starting and ending VINs for the different plants are as follows:

13388547 / 13596806 / Flint

23395088 / 23592131 / South Gate

33405088 / 33593652 / Linden

The serial number is located on a riveted plate on the right side cowling under the hood.

Now, the engine numbers are closer to the number you provide and some jurisdictions did use the engine number as a VIN. For 40 series, the engine number should be from 43572652 and 43786213. Engine numbers are on the low right rear side of the crankcase adjacent to the dipstick. Note that if the engine is painted black, it is likely a replacement engine, so not original to the car.

Now, I know by 1941, there was also a body plate on the car that outlines paint codes and some other information, including model number. With this information, we should be able to tell you a bit more about the car.

Regardless of whether or not it is the last Special built that year, the straight 8s are nice, smooth engines and, if you go to shows (other than Buick-specific shows), it is a fairly unique car to have.

The caveat to the numbers assumes the book is correct and that I typed them correctly...there's always room for error.

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For 1940, model 41T was a 4-door touring sedan, 5-passenger, interior fitted for taxi. Production was 48 cars. I don't see a 41T listed for 1939, but they may have built one or an early 1940 car built in 1939 may have been titled as a 1939 rather than a 1940 (i.e, titled on year sold rather than model year, which was common back then). The body tag should be on the firewall or cowl depending on the year. 1932 was the first year for the body tag with the trim and paint codes on it. The body tag will also indicate the model year and the body number. Post a picture of the car and body tag if possible.

This thread has some decoding information for 1939:


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In the 1928-41 Master Parts book some parts are listed for "Taxicab jobs"

For example Shoe & Lining set Group 5.017 Part 1394656 1936-37-38-39 S40 (Taxicab jobs only)

Some where I have seen more reference to these taxicab options. Think they put the larger series 60 brakes on the series 40, and other upgrades

Your car will not a VIN as we know it today

It will/should have a

- frame number on a plate, near the starter motor, riveted to the top of the frame

- an engine number near the distributor just under the head

- a body data plate on the firewall (right hand side) It should have Style Number 39-4619, body number and have codes for paint & trim

67752 is I guess the body number.

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