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1990 Buick Reatta Convertible

Guest kminchey

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Guest kminchey

Some of you may have seen the black 90 in Atlanta a few months ago. I am planning to sell on craigslist but thought I would post here beforehand to give the reatta community first up if anyone here is interested. I have put new brake pads/rotors/accumulator, new key barrel in the column with new programmed keys, 4 new tires, rebuilt headlight switch as well as a few new fuses and relays. [pictures were taken before headlight switch & new tires were installed]. The car is all original and the body is in good shape. It still needs a kit to make the headlights go up/down. I assumed this would be old GM tech I could work on. Two independent shops and my local GM dealer have had to help me sort everything out. I would like to sell this car as it is not what I was expecting with the TEVES/VAT,etc. At this point, just trying to cash out and move on. I am asking $3200. Thanks

Kevin Minchey

Shelbyville, TN (hour SE of Nashville)

(931) 703-4899 cell







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That is too bad. This would probably do OK on ebay if no one wants it. How many miles on it? I just sold my 1990 Red/Tan on ebay. I paid $2500 and added another $350 and sold it for $2050, taking about an $850 hit.

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