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Shoring up fenders and hood, etc.


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I've reassembled all the front end components (fenders, bumper, grill, etc.) and was wondering what I can use as a point of reference to start shoring everything up. The hood isn't lining up correctly with the fenders. I was wonder if the hood can be adjusted left and right or is it pretty much dead nuts once installed? When I attempt to close the hood there's about 3/4" gap on the passenger's side fender and about 1/4" over hang on the driver's side fender. (I hope that makes sense) Any tips?


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Ha, I just happend to have this discussion Wednesday when I stopped by Professor Nailheads aka Bill Bicknell, up in Rolla MO, on my way back from Kansas City and picking up a little Special 2 dr sedan. He has restored a number of 53 Skylarks and while we were checking out my little Special, we just happened to enter into the discussion of aligning hoods on '53's. Simply stated, on a '53, you install the hood first, get it perfectly aligned at the rear then install the fenders around it. He told and explained the complete process but that is it in a nutshell. I told him I thought you were having some problems and that I might have you get in touch with him. I will pm you his contact info.

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