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Fuel pump fun


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So I have learned one of two things. Either I have the oddest luck with how things break and issues I run into, or I pay attention a little bit closer than most car owners.

Now on to the actual point of this. I do not get on the throttle too often but I have noticed the last while (six months prior to leaving for the sand box and the last couple days) when I do the power has not been there. Thought it may have been the supercharger belt, but after it stalled out in the parking lot yesterday I threw a pressure gauge on her. Sure as sh*t 20 psi and less. Did a couple other tests and desided it was the pump. Replaced it and know I remember why I did the swap to start with.

Point of all this being, pay attention to your car and ensure that when things seem a little check it out. It may save you a unexpected stop on the side of the road or even save an engine.

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