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1936 Buick Hood Install

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Can someone tell me how the 1936 hood is supposed to be secured from sliding fwd and aft?

I have finally gotten my hood painted nicely and obtained a good hood center hinge and I cleaned up and installed the correct rear T shaped bolt to hold down the rear end of the hinge and I installed the fwd bracket that also has a T shaped upper part that fits into the hinge. My problem is that when this is all snugged into place the hood halves still slide fwd & aft in the hinge.

This lets the fwd edge of the hood foul the grille or the aft edge foul the body at the formed depression for the hood. I have adjusted the two large threaded end rods that go between the upper corners of the firewall and the grille shroud. This adjustment was an attempt to get the hood halves to fit each side evenly. But that does no good if the hood slides back and forth.

Any advice here?

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