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1954 Skylark headlight switch

Barney Eaton

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<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Where can you find a headlight switch for a 1954 Skylark? Was it considerably different than other '54 Buick headlight switches?

I was thinking GM used the same headlight switch in almost all their car back in the '50's but Bob's and Car's show a '49-53 6volt sw then jump to '59.

Is the only difference between a 6 volt and 12 volt the resistor for dimming the dash lights?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Checked Rockauto.com and they have the switch pictured. It is from Standard Motor Parts #DS141 and they show it fitting the following cars.

Buick 49-57

Cad 48-52

Chevy 42-55

GMC 46-55

Olds 49-52

Pontiac 46-52

If you own one of these cars, does turning the headlight dimmer switch do anything but dim the dash lights? The Skylark owner says his will turn on the underdash lights. Does your headlight switch look like the one pictured?post-30596-143141857282_thumb.jpg

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Hard to believe the same switch is appropriate for both 6 & 12 volt applications since the 6 volt switch would need to be rated for twice the amperage. How does that square with the head lamp C/B?. I've found that a "universal" anything is universally ill fitting..................Bob

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I believe that the Skylark switch is the same as all 54-55 (at least) Buicks. Yes, it also turns on a map light and dome/ interior lights.

I gotta agree with Bob. Universal es no bueno. The dash mounting is different, and it's hard to tell, but making the original knob work could be difficult. Look for a good used one or lightly bead blast the original.

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Barney. If you have an inoperative switch there is a very good chance it can be rebuilt. They are relatively simple. I've restored a number of them to full function and apperance with little more than normal shop tools, a VOM, and bead blaster. If you don't feel up to it check with Alan Kriss. besides doing radios and instruments he rebuilds switches and all of his work is top shelf quality............Bob

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