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Miscommunication with the body shop


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Ran the 'vert over to my body shop friend to drop it off for detailing and to pick up the Red. On the Red I had the hood, the door and front fender panels repainted below the side belt rub strip. He also had to replace [and paint] the drivers door rub strip as that was damaged [by me] when I was dealing with my drivers door not unlocking last fall.

At any rate, we talked about painting the outside mirrors as well. I had once talked to him about painting them to match the Red, but had since changed my mind. I thought I had made it clear that I was OK with just repainting them black as original. He misunderstood and they are now color keyed to the car. And other then the fact my car is no longer a twin to Ronnie's I think it looks great.

Anyone else out there now have mirrors painted the same as the body color? [excluding Black of course]

What do you think?

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I've thought about it. It really only like good if its done right (Mirrors removed from the car and painted). I'll be having some paint work done on the vert soon. I'll be changing the mouldings to body color, and I might do the mirrors too.

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Guest steveskyhawk

Many of the prototypes had matching mirrors. It's my guess that making them all black was a cost cutting move dictated by accounting not the designers. Matching mirrors is the way all the cars should have been IMO. Being as that prototypes had matching mirrors it would seem to me either matching or black should be considered "stock" for judging purposes.

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