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Heater core replacement ?

'72 LeSabre

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Has anyone ever replaced a heater core on a 1968 LeSabre/Electra/Wildcat? How difficult is this to do and how long did it take?

After unhooking the hoses, cables, and electrical connections, the diagram in the service manual indicates removing the nuts holding the blower motor housing (under the hood). From there, it seems like the core needs to be removed from under the dash. Is that correct?

Background: I had a coolant leak around the thermostat housing so I decided to replace the thermostat and hoses (unknown age) while I was resealing the housing. The lower heater hose connection at the firewall is a pain to reach. It appears a #$%%^&@ PO decided to bend the copper tube up to make it easier to attach the hose. That put a nice crimp in it which I didn't know was there. Apparently the little bit of jiggling I did to remove the old hose was enough to cause a pinhole leak. :mad:

Any guidance is appreciated.


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