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I had to have her - '65

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I think Paul was saying that the link that you posted no longer functions. I tried clicking on it but the URL appears to have been truncated.

I replied that the tool in my link that doesn't open is the same tool that he pictured.

I'm looking at other posts of "tricks" that others are using to remove the rear window and windshield moldings and it scares me that they're willing to have to rework the molding after prying it off. If you can't figure out how to use the tools designed for the job, by all means get your car to a glass shop and pay someone to remove the moldings for you. If you broke a windshield, do you think the guy replacing it would tear up the molding and repair it in order to get the glass out? No, he'd use a tool designed for that job and know how to use it.

Here's a link to a YouTube video showing the correct way to use the tool. If this young gal can do it without tearing up the moldings, you can too. Watch her method. There are better shots toward the end of the removal segment.

Those clips are spring loaded. The tool releases the spring tension and the molding lifts off.

The rest of the video show removal of old clips and installation of new clips, and re-installation of the molding.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler all used similar clips; different sizes, etc. but all use the same tool and technique.

I worked for a company for a while that went to car lots and did all sorts of repairs. In the mid 80's repainting the blacked out moldings on a Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am "Bandit" trim package or a Z-28 Camaro was a daily money maker. We could take off all of the moldings, scuff them for new paint, paint them, and re-install them quicker than you could mask them off. Could not have done it without the correct tool and technique.

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I ended up finding this at my local jobber. I've never used such a tool before & it made my world a happy place. I LOVED it! Super easy to use.



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