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broken key in trunk lock help please anyone

Guest jojoejo

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broken key in trunk anyone know how to fix and get in trunk need help joe

Guessing that if the remote open was working you wouldn't have been using a key to open the trunk. Hope that the remote button does the job for you, if not..... two choices.

Call a locksmith, they have tools you don't. Don't know what a locksmith charges where you are, but it might be less than the plastic piece that you could break while doing this yourself and that makes it worth the money.

If you want to risk doing this yourself and you can see the end of the key and you have a medium size needle nose pliers, you can sacrifice the spring load key cap by inserting / pressing a common / flat screwdriver in beside the key and with a slight twist break the key cover and find room to grab and turn key with pliers.

Do you know how to replace a spring load key cover? doesn't need to be done right away, but if you want to keep using the lock you will need to do it. The key cover cost about a quarter, the end cap is no longer available and should to be reused as it is made to fit the piece you don't want to break and it might not want to go back on. A standard flat cap can be used if you have to, better to use a heat releasable adhesive to attach old cap just in case you need to do this again. The first time is always the worst time and you might want to practice with a couple of junk yard locks first.

Good luck with this.

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Guest My TC Toy

Some years ago I encountered the same problem. At that time there was a small hole through the back of the cylinder. All I had to do was remove the cylinder and push the broken key out. A local locksmith cut me a new key from the broken one. If there is no hole in the cylinder back, after removal you could try applying a drop of oil to the cylinder and tapping it vertically to force the broken key out.

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