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Guest dckoliba

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Guest dckoliba

I have #89 of 200! it has 5850+ miles all original! I received the car through a will in december of 2009. It was owned by a close friend and neighbor who passed away at 83 years old. He was the original owner. In the 3 years I have had it I put on about 800 miles, HWY/City. I drive it once, or twice a month and it runs very well. I just replaced the original battery last month. I wanted to keep it, but I don't have the means to keep it up like it should be. The car is almost perfect, but it is 13+ years old and will eventually need TLC. I'm looking for a person that is interested in keeping it preserved in it's original condition out of respect for the man who willed it to me. I would hate to see it turn into a Tonka toy car with 26 inch wheels and subwoofers that would vibrate the windows loose.

I'm having issues uploading images. I have plenty of them and will send them to anyone interested.



Craigs list posting: http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/clt/3684812871.html

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