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I was trying to help a friend time his Whippet 4 cly engine after the distributor mount was replaced. the engine had rotated after the breakage and we did not have any good information to go by. the flywheel has a hole that shows in the plate covering the flywheel that we believe should correspond to TDC but we don't get fire when we drop the distributor in pointing to #1 on the cap. we have determined that we have it on the compression stroke, and the points are working. Are any instructions available?

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The flywheel mark was indeed the TDC and after moving the distributer base a bit at a time it is running and starting well. My friend has many Whippet parts for sale if anyone is looking.

Greg, I am a member of WOKR as well as my friend and had not seen the forum previously, thanks for the link.

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