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17" Dodge Artillary Wheels

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DodgeKCL, I know that we've discussed this topic before. In fact, I recall your experience with the build sheet and 16' and 17" wheels/tires well. I just wanted to show a pic of a 17" Dodge wheel because I had never seen one before and thought that it might be true for others. I've seen (and still have) a 17" '36 Plymouth wheel, but I've never seen one for a Dodge. As I stated in that earlier thread, the '36 Dodge passenger car parts book doesn't show a 17" wheel as an option, so these wouldn't be correct for a '36 or later car. I assume that these are identical to the 17" wheels you were able to finally scrounge up, right? Also, could someone with a '35 Dodge Passenger car parts book say if 17" wheels were available as an option?

Here's a link to our earlier discussion:


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