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What is it???? Part of the electrical connections

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I found these tabs between the wire and the screw head on headlight switch, terminal blocks and other electrical connections. They are so small, corroded, and thin that wire brushing them to ensure I get a good connection is darn near impossible. I'd like to replace them but I'll be darned if I know what they are called or where to look for them.

They measure about 3/8" by 1/2" with a tab that bends at a right angle so that it can be inserted in a hole so it doesn't turn when the wire and screw are applied.



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They are a locking type washer for the terminal screws.

They will polish up pretty good with steel wool.

I read an article by Bill Cannon in Skinned Knuckles years ago where Bill said (see how sneaky I shifted that, You have to be REALLY careful.) to mix up some household lye in a shallow container, then slip a wire through the washers and dip then in. Let them sit overnight. According to Bill they will be bright and shiny in the morning. Be sure you rinse them well before touching them and dilute the lye really well before disposing of it; according to Bill, of course.

While writing that I was reminded of the night I got a little cavalier in my handling of a bucket of carburetor cleaner. Imagine 1 AM in the morning, everyone is sleeping, and one is hyperventilating because they think the flesh is going to start coming off their fingers and just leave bone behind.


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